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Heres my situation. I have just finished building my system. Everything is fine except for the fact that I cannot get my bios to recognize my ssd or hdd. I know the reason is not faulty sata ports on the mobo because the ports I tested worked to the odd's. I have tried swapping cables with the odd's, that didn't work. I checked to make sure everything was plugged in. That didn't work. I even tried updating the bios. That didn't work.

Finally, I decided that the hdd and ssd were just broken. I tried putting them in another system. They weren't recognized in bios. I took an old hdd that I know worked and put it in my new build. It wasn't recognized in bios. I then put it back in the old computer, and now that hdd is broken too. This leads me to believe something is frying my hdd's. That's just my guess. I'm not sure at all at this point. I have everything on a surge protector, so I don't think it's that. Could it be my PSU? My mobo? I have no idea. Please help. I don't even know what to do right now.

Specs that are relevant:
Mobo- Rampage III Formula
HDD- 2 tb Seagate Barracuda
SSD- Plextor 120 gb
PSU- Antec 1000w

Thanks for any help in advance.
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  1. Probably PSU in the "new" rig.

    Do you feel the drives spinning while booting up?

    Both cables into the drives?
  2. No. I don't feel the drives spinning. Both the cables are in. I am also sure they are good cables because they worked fine for my disc drives. Is the PSU just not sending enough power? Weird because I bought a 1000w.
  3. Modular PSU? Cable plugged ALL the way into the PSU?

    Can you take to PSU to the place you bought it, or a computer store to have the voltages checked for SATA output? (Voltmeter?)
  4. I tested the voltages with a multimeter. They were all okay except the Sata power connectors. They were high. I RMA'd the PSU and when a new one arrives, I will let you know if that was the problem.
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