Briding/sharing connection causes connection to fail?

I have attempted to bridge my wireless internet with my ethernet port so that I can send signal to my xbox without dealing with a router. When I attempt to bridge or share the connection, I seem to lose connection altogether, it will still say connected but it wont let me do anything.

how do I go about fixing this? I will be buying crossover cables today but only once I can ensure that my PC's connection will remain in tact while using this method.

Any help would be appreciated.

when I plugged a normal ethernet from my pc to my xbox while it was running this mode, my xbox would detetct the network but it would have some sort of DNS error and never actual confirm that I was getting internet.
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    I have been attempting for several days to get XBL online. I first attempted to plug in an old MN740 adapter that I used for wireless with my 360 about 2 years ago. When attempting to plug it in, there was no attempt made by the xbox to recognize it or be able to program it. I remember using this device when I had live 2 years ago and have made no significant changes to it.

    I have attempted now to scrap the wireless side and use my PC for sharing. I have a wireless card in my pc and ethernet port. Upon attempting to start sharing on my wireless connection i get the message

    "internet connection sharing cannot be enabled
    A LAN connection is already configued with the IP address that is required for automatic IP addressing"

    When I attempt to bridge connections, the bridge is created but I can no longer connect on my wireless and I still have no results from the xbox.

    when I try going to on my pc it leads me to my landlord's router which is where I am getting the wireless feed for my PC, apparantly this is also the default IP for Internet sharing... what do I have to do to make this all work?

    my info:

    connection specific dns suffix
    ip addy
    subnet mask
    default gateway

    ethernet adapter local area connection:

    connection specific dns suffix:
    autoconfiguration IP adress
    subnet mask
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