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I am new to building computers. My father said I could build my own, but I don't know if the things I want are compatible.

I want this motherboard

This video card

and this cpu

Will these things work together or not. If not how do I tell what will work with what?


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  1. they will but i would go with a 570ti gpu instead.
  2. ok on the CPU under details it says "CPU Socket Type" this socket type needs to mach your mobo or it wont fit in. almost all graphics cards go in the pci express x16 slot. of the mobo doesnt have one then the card cant go in. if you want to run dual cards one day then you need a mobo with 2 pci express x16 slots (most are x8 in dual mode but this makes less than a 10%diff if they are x16 or x8 in dual.) hope that helped!
  3. The GPU is the 560Ti.
    The mobo and the CPU are compatible, the GPU will work with the whole set.
    But the problem is the board does not support SLI it will support Xfire. Thus the choice of the GPU is fine if you don't plan on putting in another one, but, if you plan to go the SLI route this is not the board you can change your GPU to an ATI/AMD one and then later on you could Xfire it with another one of the same.
    Or you can change the Mob to a 990FX chipset and that'll allow you either crossfire or SLI.
    Check this out for the Mobo
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