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Hi, I recently replaced some bad hardware with the same components, but new from Microcenter. I installed all the components, and my computer turns on. It flashes the BIOS page, then quickly goes to a windows startup page. The options on that page are: Start windows normally OR run system repair. If i run system repair, it can't fix the problem and shuts down. If I start windows normally, it freezes in the startup animation and brings me to the BIOS page, which quickly flashes into the windows startup page.

At least I can get my PC working now, but can't get to anything :/

Any help?
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  1. First Clear CMOS, unplug the PSU for 5 minutes then switch the CMOS jumper 10 seconds; see - if possible boot in to the BIOS and Load 'Optimized' Defaults and save; see your manual.

    Next Boot into Safe Mode - then reboot.

    Often this is a sign of a failed update in Windows. You can 'try' to use System Restore from either Windows or by booting off the OS 'DVD/CD' and if that fails then run System Repair; F8 and

    Last option back up the data, format and re-install the OS.
  2. Tried all this stuff, probably going to format the drive... Was hoping there'd be a simpler way
  3. IF you use Window's Automatic Backup then use it's image.

    You can 'try' SFC, boot into windows and Schedule both options and reboot:

  4. Is it possible to boot from the CD that comes with the Motherboard to install all the drivers to the HDD? If this is possible I'd rather do that than reformat.
  5. SFC is in no way 'formatting', the two options verify and repair System files and drive integrity.

    You can boot off (F8) the OS DVD and run Repair; see -
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