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i have no signal to my monitor. iknow the monitor and lead is ok,and i know the graphics card ok.
any ideas.
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  1. I'm having the same issue, but I'm not sure that is for the same reason.

    I assembled the parts properly and on the first startup, the graphics card (ASUS Radeon 6970 2GB) had a single red LED lit up. The monitor of course could not find a signal. I tried a different cable, still nothing.

    Then I took another graphics card (5770), put that in and it had three green lights at startup, but still no signal to the monitor.

    Now I'm not sure where the problem lies, the graphics card, the motherboard, the cables or the monitor. The monitor is fairly new, no more than two years. The motherboard is a Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3. I have a Corsair HX-650 PSU.
  2. Obviously, check to make sure the monitor is on the right input. I see more often then you'd think, this as an issue.

    Next for both people, are you hearing any beeps? When you power off the system, do you have to press power once, or do you need to hold it down?
  3. I hear no beeps and I only have to press power once. My monitor automatically searches all ports for input and then lets me choose if there are multiple inputs.

    When I startup I hear an inflecting noise for a second. I'm not sure if that constitutes a beep. It sounds almost like a miniature siren.
  4. So if you have to press it once, that means the system is halted for one reason or another. Double check all the hardware, make sure its plugged in all the way and correctly.

    After that, start removing everything one by one that isn't required for bootup.

    Also, make sure the speaker is plugged into the motherboard correctly that way if the mobo is sending an error, you can hear it.
  5. Started up with speakers plugged in, no beep. No odd siren sound either. I unplugged everything except the graphics card and still nothing.
  6. i,m having the same problem,could it be the motherboard?
  7. By speaker, I mean the little speaker inside your case. It plugs into the motherboard.

    And yes, it could be any bit of hardware.
  8. My case (Antec DF-85) does not have a speaker.
  9. I fixed it!

    It seems the card required 16 pins, I was only giving it 14. It was a tricky configuration, but that gave it the juice it needed.
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