ASRock Z77 Extreme4 or gigabyte z77 xud5h

help me to chose from those two motherboard:) thanks guys .
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  1. Whats your CPU?
  2. i7 3770k
  3. Whats your CPU cooler?
  4. h100
  5. U are set to get good OC around 4.6GHz.
  6. 1 GPU? Or more?
  7. no no oc and one gtx 680 . maybe in future i go with sli gpu but no oc
  8. and what psu will be inaf? 650w 700w 750w 800 850w?
  9. Why not OC?
  10. becouse i nevver did it. and it looks to me to dengours:DD
  11. Well this is what u need.

    550V x1 GPU 800V SLI

  12. i rameber when i was have gtx 560 ti and athlon x4 adn 650w but the psu was alpine brand *** one. so it blow away. so how it will be inaf 550w for 680?
  13. The technology is now way more efficient.

    And alpine is not a brand for high power output, like the games need for long hours.
  14. Why not OC?
  15. Its not what it used to be, today its just a click of the mouse and u can safely have 30% more speed for free.

    That is why people buy the "K" CPU. That is unlocked for overclocking.
  16. hmm ok. so 700w maybe will be inaf for i7 3770k and gtx 680 and i will oc the cpu.
    what do you think about sabertoohz77
  17. sabertoohz77= 5 years warranty.

    Says it all.
  18. what will you take sabertooh or ud5?
  19. sabertooh any time.
  20. ok. i remmeber the guy told me that i need 850w ax profesional corsair fot this build
  21. LOL, the guy had little too much to drink.
  22. Sure, u can have a 1250W, but u dont need that much, right?
  23. yhe right:D. so how much do i need to run it cool and good .?
  24. Check this. Max watts used is 173W for your CPU.

    "Our test system is based on a power hungry Core i7 965 / X58 system. This setup is overclocked to 3.75 GHz.

    Next to that we have energy saving functions disabled for this motherboard and processor (to ensure consistent benchmark results).

    On average we are using roughly 50 to 100 Watts more than a standard PC due to higher CPU clock settings, water-cooling, additional cold cathode lights etc."

  25. so i go with 650 w ok? is that will be good?
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