New graphics card - what should i buy?

So i plan to upgrade my computer and i have already chosen the AMD phenom II 955 quad processor (3.2ghz) and 4gb of RAM. I will most likely overclock the CPU but i don't know what too. I have also found a motherboard that will work it all =]

So i have about £100-200 left of budget (it was £300-400 overall) and this is where i need some help, i have no idea what graphics card to get! I game a lot and have a 22" 1920x1080 monitor. I like graphics and would much prefer to have it on high even if the fps was only 30-40 (i think this is the lowest it can go but still be smooth?) My motherboard i chose has 2 graphics card slots and so crossfire/sli is an option if i want it. I don't know if my budget is enough for that though so if not i'll just buy a second graphics card later.

I have been looking around and i am at a loss at to what card to buy. I've looked at some of the fps tables on this site and then look up prices. But when i put HD5770 (for example) into (my main shopping place) i get a billion different types of the same card with different names before it, like Sapphire etc. and the price range between them is pretty big.

So if anyone could offer any advice over what card to get for my budget that would be awesome :D. I live in the UK so if you are going to link something please make sure the price is in GBP

Thanks =]
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  1. The Sapphire HD5850 Xtreme is a very good deal at the moment;
    Also within your budget are the GTX 560 Ti and the HD6950. They are about 20% faster than the HD5850 on average at high resolutions and can be found for around £175.
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