PSU Missing 8 pin PCI - Is there an adapter for this?


I have the Thermaltake Purepower 680w APD PSU. It had good specs and reviews and I'd like to stay with it... BUT, I've purchased the ASUS GTX 570 CUII, which requires a Six pin and an Eight pin power source.

My PSU has two six pin PCI plugs. ASUS included an adapter to combine two six pin into one eight, but then I don't have another six.

So, I either need an adapter that does 2 4 pin molex into a six (2x3) or eight (2x4) pin plug. Or, I need to fork out for another PSU.

My 3 12v rails have: 14A, 23A, 15A respectively.
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  1. All the 570's I've seen have 2 - 6pin plugs. This is a higher power version.

    I would not use the molex because that card uses A LOT of power. Like GTX580 power.

    You need to contact Asus because I cannot find any info on using just 2-6pin.

    Some cards you can use 2-6pin instead of 1-6pin and 1-8pin, but I doubt it on such a high powered card.
  2. The missing pin is for -5 volts and is obsolete, so your good to go.

    dont worry its good.
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