Is it possible for a motherboard to burn through PSU's

I've built my parents a new computer. The problem is that they've burned through two power supplies in 4 months. One was a piece of junk but the other was a SeaSonic so I'm wondering if it's just bad luck or something else? Also, I RMA'd the SeaSonic and I tried to install it today and the thing isn't working so did SeaSonic possibly not fix it but just return the broken one? It's the same Serial number on the PSU. Any recommendations for GOOD PSU's ? Like maybe Corsair, Antec, or ThermalTake ?
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  1. Well Seasonic is about the best, have you tested if the board went bad this time. As well check with Seasonic what they found!
  2. Ok. I just e-mailed SeaSonic. I'm really pissed about this. They sent me the same power supply that I RMA'd. What's the deal with that. Do not buy SeaSonic Power supplies !!! The motherboard and CPU are brand new. I can't imagine that it's that.
  3. Brand new and burnt up two PSU's? Something wrong short or something? Assembled wrong? First PSU vent and took the board with it? (in normal practice if they do not find anything wrong they send the same one back)
  4. How would I assemble the computer wrong? I studied everything there was to know. I don't understand how someone could even screw it up. Only certain connectors connect with certain plugs. The power supply connects with the 20 pin and the 4 pin. That's it. What is there to mess up? Only thing on the computer is a FoxCONN motherboard with integrated graphics, a harddrive, a CD-ROM and that's it. Doesn't the power supply just connect to the motherboard in two places: 20 pin and a 4 pin? It's a FOXCONN AM2/AM2+ with Geforce 6100 integrated.
  5. I know it was the power supply because we bought a new one and put that one in and it ran for like 25 days and then it also gave out.
  6. I agree that it is simple to assemble a computer but still we get people in here that do not put standoffs under the motherboard, leave extra screws or standoffs in that short out the boards or do not connect them correctly. I see the power supply as the first failure the second failure could be the motherboard (unless of course somebody noticed the PSU go up in smoke) so Seasonics findings are important.
  7. STandoffs? what are those? Oh crap.
  8. I'm re-using a case so I think the standoffs are already in there but I'll check. Thanks.
  9. I can't believe this. I forgot to flip that switch in the back. The power supply works !!! The computer just booted up.
  10. Great and the standoffs are in?
  11. I'll check those tomorrow. I had my parents do it over the phone. I don't live with them. I'm going over tomorrow to check everything. Wouldn't the stand-offs already be in? All I did was take the old motherboard (factory motherboard) out and put a new one in.
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    Most likely they are there the I/O shield in the back would not fit if they were not.
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