Perimeter Network on College Campus, for fun

Hello everyone,
I am back up at school for the year and thought I'd ask the community for solutions to the networking tricks I'm thinking of.

My school's network is secured by some software called Cisco Clean Access Agent. Other than logging in (either through the application, or in a web browser) the only way to get internet is to register your MAC address with the IT department. Everyone used to just give the IT department the MAC address of a wireless router and tell them it was an XBOX (the only systems they'll use the MAC address exception for). Now they require you to drop off your XBOX, so you can't lie about the MAC address.

The issue is, we usually have about 15 people in our apartment style dorm, and they all want internet (iPod touches, laptops, iPads, etc.) but as of now, there is only one live hardwire connection in each room. We tried setting up a wireless router, but it can't get through the Cisco software.

So far, here are our ideas:
1. Let them register an XBOX that we don't use, and then try to spoof the Router's MAC address to that one.
2. Build a multi-honed linux box to use as a gateway, that was the IP addresses of all our wireless devices can be assigned internally, and the school will only see one network connection from our room, not 15.
3. Buy an old Toshiba Magnia Server to accomplish the same as above.

Ideally, the school can't be the network that's assigning the IP addresses, because they monitor it, and you're only allowed one system per room.

What would you suggest? Thanks again for reading that if you do.
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  1. This stuff is always fun, trying to get around restrictions and ***:) A few years back i cracked my schools wifi and started to connect everyones ipods and laptops to the network, eventually the ssid and pass got out and tons of people knew how to connect, the worst part is other people trying to take credit for it.... man those were good times....:')

    Anyway, in the setup for routers(at least mine anyway) there is a place to change the mac address of the wan register your xbox with the it dept and then take the mac from your xbox and give that to the wan port of your router, that way your router will be past it and everything behind the router wont show up :)

    I'm pretty sure that would work but please correct me if it won't.
    Good luck though!:)
  2. what if your college blocks xbox live?

    anyway to get around that?

    Its a pain in the a*s tethering your droid and bridging it to your xbox everytime you wanna play online..

    and funny thing is.. it doesnt lag!
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