Asrock extreùe 3 triple channel ram issue

i have an issue wit ddr3 triple channel ram on my asrock extreme 3 motherboard:

3x2 gb plugged on 3 white slots, only 4 gb seen.

the only way to see 6gb is to plug on 1,2,3

same issue win 7 64 bit, win 8 64 bit
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  1. Assuming XMP RAM & the ASRock X58 Extreme3 then boot into the BIOS:

    XMP Frequency -> {Profile 1, or Select you RAM or Enable} ; other than Auto I don't know your options
    DRAM Voltage -> {+0.02v~+0.05v} ; if needed add +0.02v~+0.05v over the kit's rated values i.e. 1.60v try 1.62v~1.65v
    VTT Voltage -> 1.30v~1.35v
    Save and Exit = Yes

    Q - What exact RAM? ; please post a link to your kit.
  2. Hello,
    Sorry for son long time before answering!

    The ram is g skill 3x2gb kit.

    I tried to follow tour tutorial, wich ils very clear, but i didn't find the xmp frequency option.

    I increased voltage, but it didn't change the situation: still only 4gb seen.
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