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What does 1333(O.C) mean? i have only corsair 1333 2 chips .

GUYS, i need to "Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P " motherboard , for my amd fx 4100 , but in the specifications of the motherboard it is written that the memory frequency of the board is ddr3 : 800, 1066, 1333(O.C) MHz , but i have corsair ddr3 1333 (4x2) previously , i don't understand that why "O.C" is mentioned after 1333" ? " mhz , so does it mean that the ram which i got "corsair ddr3 1333 (4x2)" wont support the board? or it does? please do reply ,i know it sounds silly for you people . have a good day/night...
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    OC means overclocked. That chipset doesn't officially support higher than 1066, so you have to manually "overclock" the RAM to 1,333.

    Your RAM will work fine, but it won't auto-set to 1, need to set it yourself in the BIOS.
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