Need help connecting receiver, tv, and PC

Let me start by saying that this is for online gaming purposes.

Currently, my pc to connected to a Denon receiver via a HDMI cable from the EVGA 460 FTW video card, then have an HDMI cord from the Denon receiver to a 40" Samsung LCD.

I like this because I am out putting a 7.1 signal, however, I cannot help but feel that this configuration is hurting my in online gaming because of complicating the pathway from computer to screen (essentially, artificially increasing my latency). Not sure if this is true but in many of today's games the person with the lower latency has a significant advantage.

So my question is this; Should I configure my system differently?

There is a optical out on my mobo but that only out puts 2.1. Would it make sense to have two connections to the video card, one to the receiver with HDMI and one to the tv with a DVI port? But then I would have to treat the receiver as a secondary monitor and wouldn't that compromise performance?

Thought about getting a sound card, however, I read that I will not be able to out put in 7.1.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you.
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  1. Anny one have an answer? I am planning on building a new computer this weekend and knowing this information would be very helpful.
  2. If you have a monitor directly connected to your GPU/ mobo, you will have the least latency. However, if you need to route through the stereo and TV your latency should not be effected whether the signal is 7.1 or 2.1. While 7.1 has greated bandwidth, the electronics are customized to handle the increase. Latency is more effected by transmission and processing than bandwidth. The more connections and devices the greater the latency. If latency is increased from 2.1 to 7.1 it should only be marginal (if you have the proper hardware and it is properly configured).

    A sound card may provide some improvement in performance because it off-loads the sound processing from the CPU/mobo to a seperate processor. The gains may not be huge, but might make a difference in a gaming rig.
  3. Thanks for the reply!

    I know that I was using the term "latency" incorrectly, I just meant that since I am passing the picture signal through the receive to the tv, I am increasing the distance and time from when my computer sends the image to when I visually see it on the tv.
  4. are you able to get an in-store demo to see for yourself? if the receiver is not processing the picture might it have a similar effect to using a longer cable? if so, the picture may take longer to arrive but not by an amount that you or I would notice? guesswork on my behalf entirely

    I have sound card (Asus Xonar D2X) and I was going to trial (late tomorrow) using optical from the D2X to my receiver (Onkyo) - my PC picture will be sent using either mini HDMI or DVI-D from GTX 460 directly to Samsung 40" LCD TV - simply as I dont have a spare HDMI-HDMI cable to go between the receiver and TV at this time

    not sure it will help but I can keep you updated if you want, I'll be using it to watch 1080p mkv, BDMV & online gaming (BC2, COD BLOPS, F1 2011 etc)

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