Single slot graphics card needed?

Hello, I have an Asus P5N-D motherboard with only one pcie-x1 between the pci-e x16 slots. I was wondering if I can install two dual slot graphics cards in sli, or if I should consider a single slot solution.
Thanks In Advance
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  1. if you dont use the pcie 1x slot then yes, you have enough space for a 2 slot card. Tell us what cards you are thinking of getting and your system specs, there are many other things to consider when going for a dual card setup. Also not all games support sli.
  2. My system specs are as follows: Antec 300 case, Core 2 Quad 9550 cooled with a Cooler master Hyper 212+,Asus P5N-D motherboard, Dual Dvd Drives, 1tb hard drive, 64gb ssd, Corsair gamer series gs 800 psu. I am thinking about getting these graphics cards:
  3. As ***crowe stated. If you aren't using the 2 slots directly below the PCIe x16 slots, you'll be fine. Case air flow may be an issue, but can be remedied.
    Note: My biggest peave with ASUS boards is the fact that they only put 6 expansion slots on an ATX mobo. Does not make sense to me, that's why I bought from one of their competitors.
  4. What I was wondering, though is if a two slot card such as this
    would get good enough airflow for it's fan, because the fan would be directly butting up into the next card in an SLI setup.
  5. Any time you have GPUs on top of one another, the upper card will run hotter. Look at you hard drive placement, and possibly adding a side case fan to increase air flow (positive, not turbulent). Check out some of the case mod posts, as there are many cooling tips from others with similar set-ups in an Antec 300 case.
  6. Or would a card like this be better? It has a hole in the card's board right behind the blower fan, and so I am assuming it would not get as hot.
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    That's a good standard design, reference version, from AMD. If you don't plan on over clocking your GPUs, i.e. add voltage/ heat, yes that is a better design for close fitting cards. Case air in to the card, exhaust out the back. Again, case cooling will be a factor. Common sense seems to go a long way in regards to cooling. You seem to be doing extensive research on this, so go with your gut, you'll be fine in the long run. Plus, an extra case fan, if felt needed, is only about $10.
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