Any room for upgrade, or best for whole new system?

Hi, I'm looking to spend a bit of money on my system, maybe 1-1500 dollars. My current setup is:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.16ghz
Mobo: Gigabyte GA EP45-DS3L
GFX: BFG 9800 GTX+
RAM: 2x2gb DDR3 (not sure what speed, can get them out and have a look if it's important)
HD: SAMSUNG HD080HJ 500GB 7200rpm
Case: Cooler Master
PSU: Cooler Master ATX 12V

I have a decent 23" Samsung monitor, and I'll keep my old mouse and keyboard for now.

I mainly want something for gaming. I don't have preferences as far as brands. Is there anything which I can use from my current system to give me more money to spend elsewhere?

Thanks in advance for any advice,

(ps. suffering from overheating problems at the moment, ambient temp is kind of high where I live, don't know if that would affect choices)
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  1. your case would be the only thing i would carry over, the rest can be binned (especially since you have $1500). BTW, your ram is DDR2 not DDR3. IMO get a new i5-2500k with a GTX 560ti, i will have the full build a bit later
  2. If I carried the case over to my new system, wouldn't I have bigger overheating problems? I don't know enough about this, but the case seems pretty important as far as cooling, and I'd guess a higher end system would run hotter? Also, if you think the case would be suitable, would that include the PSU?
    Thanks again :)
  3. from where do you plan to get the system ?? is it ??
  4. I'm going back to the UK, was looking at for price estimations. If you're working in sterling, 1-1500 dollars would be about 620-960 pounds.
  5. here it is:

    CPU: intel core i5-2500k @

    MoBo: AsRock Z68 Extreme 4 @

    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB @

    CASE: keep

    DVD: salvage if possible, but i have a suspicion that your current one will be IDE so this @

    PSU: LEPA B850-MA @

    OS: windows, find the cheapest or if student get it with rebate ($100 is what i will use for the budget)

    GPU: ASUS Matrx GTX 580 @

    RAM: Kingston Hyper X blue 1600mhz 4gb kit @

    SSD: Corsair Force 3 120gb SSD @

    TOTAL: should come down to just under $1470

    the PSU is a nice PSU, although the brand seems like one of those cheap "no-no" brands, it seems pretty solid. i noticed it was sold out when i wrote this so if it still is get this @ i think it is a re-branded PSU and has some solid reviews. Samsung F3 is the cheapest HDD that can keep up with a Caviar Black. if you want 8gb of ram then this is the way to go @ about $30 extra, there is a 1600mhz kit with a CAS of 10, but i don't think that is worth the $5. i have this nagging feeling that i am missing something, please let me know if i am...
  6. in response to this, NO DON'T KEEP THE PSU, IDK actually know which case you have, i'm just guessing it would be a centurion (i know that i am being an idiot by doing that) i didn't see the bit after that post so if you suffer overheating problems, than get the coolermaster hyper 212+, CPU fan at about $35 (in AUS) if you want a better case, drop down the 580 to a 570 and spend that money on the corsair obsidian (IDK if that would put you over budget, if so, just get a case that you can afford and like)
  7. Thanks a lot for the help wenqi. I've been checking the UK prices and they seem a bit higher than those in the US. I could stretch to it if cutting corners would result in a significant drop in performance though.

    When I was looking for the CPU, I found an Asus Intel Ultimate Bundle (Includes P8P67 Motherboard, Intel Core i5-2500K & 8GB DDR3 Memory) here

    Do you think that looks like a good deal?

    Also, I've never bought an SDD before... They are supplementary to your standard HDD, right? Help speed things up a bit? Do they make a big difference in performance?

    Thanks muchly :)
  8. dont ever buy cheap motherboards of skimp on them - STICK WITH ASUS OR GIGABYTE

    dont know why people recommend rubbish...

    so for upgrading your current rig.... new video card will breath *some* life into it but your limited by a dual core, a GTX460 or 550 or something similar at max even then...

    as for overheating issues.... you sure you have the HSF installed correctly? even here in Australia in summer the heat and temps wont bother an average rig in a junk oven for a case if its put together correctly - sounds like you need to give your system a dust out, reseat the HSF and run some hardware tests

    i dont know why nobody ever bothers testing there rigs properly....
  9. Okay, thanks for the reply.

    So as far as the motherboard, you think the bundle posted above might be a good deal?
  10. if you don't mind a 16/x4 it is okay (no SLI) this mobo is one of the cheaper mobos in ASUS's range (funny thing is cheapest one, P8-P67-M-Pro is x8/x8) so don't expect features of the higher boards (in other words don't expect all the gimmicks of on board buttons etc.). this board is also p67, an older chipset that doesn't have quick sink, HD graphics (not that you would need that...) etc. but IMO go for z68. for SSD try for sandforce chipset, even an entry level one will blow you away (and so will the price...). IMO don't get that combo because it does not offer SLI support (but i am an nvidia fanboy). IF you do get that combo (please don't) get a 6990 or 6970 OCed (depending on the money you have). oh and apache_lives, IDK why you wouldn't get an AsRock Mobo, companies like ASUS and Gigabyte sell their mobos with their brand name IMO. an AsRock board will only sell if it is good (because the name isn't well known). i think that the Asrock z68 Extreme 4 is a much better mobo, toms and a few other sites gave it the thumbs up and thats good enough for me
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