Apples/Oranges for me, need help

Right, long-story short, I have two on-paper builds that are roughly the same price (give-take 30-40$ either way) for two systems, totally identical only for two differences:

1. system A has a ATI 6870 with a 2TB WD Black
2. system B has a Nvidia 560 TI with a 1TB WD Black

Either at this point AFAIK will serve my needs, though I'm not really too sure on the 2TB drive, sounds like its the old too-many-eggs-in-1-basket problem that if it fails, ouch. Then again I feel that the 560 TI may be cheating myself too much money, but the CUDA support is valuable to me as I'm considering moving up to Adobe CS5...

So, should I stick with the 560 TI or go ATI?
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    dont ever trust a single drive with your data, EVER - they can fail at any time for no reason ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR DATA

    get whatever size hdd you think you will need/use and if you think you need CUDA get the nvidia card then

    either choice is a good choice

    as for your build, i hope your using a good motherboard (ASUS or gigabyte, not MSI etc), good PSU etc and your using windows 7....
  2. yeah, I've done my research, and you named the mobo right off the bat too :P

    Getting a nice combo deal with a Corsair HX PSU is hard, however...
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