Which CPU for this MoBo?

Hi all! :) My CPU is getting old (and too hot :sweat: ), so i need to find another one.

My MotherBoard is an nVidia nForce 6100-405/430.. Does anyone knows a website or maybe a list with all the CPUs that match my MoBo?

I'm currently using AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+

Thanks for any possible help!
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  1. well, the socket size on your cpu is Socket AM2. so any cpu that is compatible with that specific socket should be just fine. but fyi, that cpu and mobo, entirely, is outdated. you should start thinking of upgrading your entire system, before thinking of just replacing the cpu.
  2. Yeah, but i'm not looking for the ultimate gaming machine or something like that.. And i have already changed heatsink, GPU, PSU and RAM.. I'm not Richie Rich or Bill Gates, i just need a PC that does not overheat so easily.

    I'll start checking by AM2 Socket, then.. Thanks! ^^
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