**** Super hacking into my Zonealarm free firewall

Hello Chaps,

Just something I have noticed that I wanted to post for the community here and on the web.

I use Zonealarm free firewall to stop any unauthorised access by programs that may or may not be 'ethical' with the way they collect data on product usage etc. I'm sure lots of you use a firewall for the same reasons as well as stopping unauthorised port access and the like. Anyway...

I've noticed on several occasions that when I go to program control and see Super listed, it magically has full access. This is puzzling because I ALWAYS block this program. It always spends a very...long...time.... starting when I run the program, which I can only assume is it trying to communicate and change settings with the firewall. A pop up will sometimes appear saying 'Super will now check for updates - will you allow - yes or no' To which I always reply 'No'. I'm only assuming that in the process of clicking this box, you automatically allow Super full access even though you are not updating it. Sounds unethical, eh?

Anyone know of issues they have had surrounding this program? How can it bypass the firewall through a pop up? It must have some clever programming in order to do that. Anyone know how it works?

Thanks for reading,


P.S. Just thought I'd add, I downloaded the program from the **** website and as far as I know it is spyware free. The developers do not distribute this product on places like Cnet. I wonder if that is because they plant little tricks inside of it...

I'd like to continue using Super as it is very helpful. I don't know of any alternatives that work with such a wide range of media.
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  1. do u mean even when you click NO it gives SUPER access to the program.

    SUPER accesses are usually given to some window services , authentication services, but if you specificaly give NO, it will not change.

    I never noticed any BUG in ZONEALARM where some programs are allowed to change it for themselves.
  2. Yeah - I know it sounds funny - which is why I posted this note on Tom's Hardware.

    I know some of the community here are programmers so will no doubt understand why programs such as super take a very long time to start, try to establish contact with the server on start up and shut down (leave firewall access as 'ask' and run the program to see what I mean) and the program is not distributed on any site other than the e righ t soft website.

    I was more concerned with the issue at the time of my original posting. Now I'm just curious as to why the program may want to establish communication with the developers with such urgency. Surely this must be revenue based (as the product is distributed free) and the company will use information about its use to sell to third parties, who in turn pay for its development, distribution and personnel costs.

    I have recently used the program and it seems to have been stable. I seem to remember a reboot occurring before the time I posted the last message - this may have had something to do with it and this may not be directly connected to super or zonealarm.

    Thanks for your interest in my query.
  3. Moreover,, looks like the latest version does not have the SUPER anymore..

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