Bulldozer dilemma

Hello,i bought an am3+ motherboard with compatible ram. I also managed to destroy my old cpu. So now i feel almost like i have no other choice than to buy the bulldozer (Which did not turn good). Or should i buy an x4 or x6 phenom.
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  1. Give it a few days. Everything is up in the air currently and new information is appearing by the hour. Don't rush into any purchase currently until all the facts are on the table.
  2. Based on what? Have a look at these two links and do your research.

    Please don't trust any reviews blindly.


  3. I have read those.

    I would also like to add that i use my computer for photoshop, after effects, converting, gaming and i usually run a lot of programs at once.
  4. Yeah, that case the FX8150 if fine for you.
    Why would you want to go for 4 or 6 cores when you're getting 8 from the same company??? Because you feel what every second site happens to say within one hour of the processor being launched is true???
    The BD isn't performing at par with the phenoms, it's performing better. Then what's the idea, if you're an AMD guy then go for it, it's not going to bring your world crashing down.
  5. It'll be plenty for what you want to do,

    the only thing is, is that it currently represents poor value for money.

    Though if you drop in a 4 core phenom, you may be finding yourself upgrading a year down the line, which will end up costing more.
  6. Sell the mobo.Get a Intel one and have fun.Simple?
  7. ghnader hsmithot said:
    Sell the mobo.Get a Intel one and have fun.Simple?

    ^^^ Yeah because using an FX CPU is like being forced to go to church so you can be touched by a creepy old white guy.
  8. I'd like to know what you mean by "Which did not turn good". You mean it did not decimate SandyBridge? You would be an idiot to have expected that outcome. It is competitive however, the price just needs to come down. It just got released, soon prices will fall and is will become a recommended buy.
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