P8Z77-V + 2500k = TERRIBLE PERFORMANCE help please!!!!!

new system build, 2500k i5, P8Z77-V, Kingston KHX 1600C9D3K4, Diamond ATI 7850 2gig.

I've built my share of systems, and i MUST be doing something wrong, this has been a terrible build out. Everything is very slow, arma, battlefield 3 all run at 15-20 FPS, #dmark score is at 1k....I have reset cmos/bios to defaults, have tinkered with them as well, no luck. Memory is showing up a 1333 i believe (may be wrong) and i know thats the wring speed, its 1600. Performance in windows is "ok". My Windows experience is 5.9. I had trouble getting the Video card drivers installed and originally had a Windows index of 1.0, i thought that was the problem, didn't change a thing. Also when i use auto tune for what its worth, it says i made it to 4+ghz but in actuality its more like 100mhz, once i do this i have to clear cmos. Something is wrong in the bios settings im just missing it...


Version: 1.0.3
SystemInfo Version: 4.9
7/6/12 9:33:03 AM
Id: 3819976
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Graphics Card Graphics CardAMD Radeon HD 7850
VendorUnknown# of cards1SLI / CrossFireOff Memory2048 MBCore clock300 MHzMemory clock150 MHzDriver nameDriver version8.981.2.0Driver statusNot FM Approved
Processor ProcessorIntel Core i5-2500K Processor
Processor clock1442 MHzPhysical / logical processors1 / 4# of cores4 General Operating system64-bit Windows 7 (6.1.7601)MotherboardASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. P8Z77-V LXMemory16384 MBModule 14096 MB Kingston 9 @ 667 MHzModule 24096 MB Kingston 9 @ 667 MHzModule 34096 MB Kingston 9 @ 667 MHzModule 44096 MB Kingston 9 @ 667 MHzHard drive model500GB WDC WD5000AAKX-001CA0 ATA Device Detailed scores
3DMark ScoreP1080Graphics Score2280Physics Score454Combined Score376Graphics Test 16.59 FPS Graphics Test 219.72 FPS Graphics Test 320.8 FPS Graphics Test 46.54 FPS Physics Test1.44 FPS Combined Test1.75 FPS Settings
Default settings usedYes EditionBasicScreen Width1280Screen Height720Msaa Sample Count1Texture Filtering ModeTrilinearMax Af Anisotropy1Tessellation Detail5Max Tessellation Factor10ShadowMapSize5Shadow Cascade Count4Surface Shadow Sample Count16Volumetric Illumination Quality5Ambient Occlusion Quality5Depth Of Field Quality5Enable Window ModeOffEnable Vertical SyncOffEnable Triple BufferingOffEnable WireframeOffColor Saturation100%
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  1. first off use the usb flash back if your mb has it like the sabertooth mb and install the 3 new bios updates. they put new cpu and ram code on the asus bios. in the bios under the ai setting you have to change the dram speed from auto to xmp for 1600 speed. for more help in overclocking look to asus rog forum for help setting your mb up. i dont do overclocking so im not to sure of the settings in the bios. there are a few that you have to take off auto in the bios to do high over clocks.
    also dont forget to install the newest intel chipset drivers..if you dont the pci bus and your video card wont work right.
    also make sure you have your monitor plugged into the gpu and not the onboard video. in the bios you want to set the pci-e as the first video device. dont install the mvp software it bloatware. on my sabertooth i have the onboard video turned off.
  2. I'm not even really overclocking, i can't even run at stock speeds. Wondering if its a bad mobo. Newest intel drivers are installed, and im using my external video card.
  3. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v340/plushdragon/?action=view&current=cpu-z.jpg

    no it not..the new intel cpu and mb have energy saving speedstep built into the mb and cpu..unless you load it down with a game..cpu0z will show that slow speed. if you want to max out the cpu always go in turn off intel speed step and under cpu power management turn off all the c states. then reboot and rerun cpu-z you see that your cpu does not throttle back. i did that on my bios to show you i can max the cpu speed out always if i wanted too.
    also turn off epu power savings in the bios..that keep the system from slowing the cpu down.
  4. I have tryed this -.- *crys*
  5. i saw on your image was that 81c a real cpu temp?? if it was your cpu is cooking and the heat sink not on right. check it with open hardware monitor. if the gpu is 81c then the chip slowing down do to to much heat. you need a chip at 30-50c before you start to overclock it. if your using the stock heat sink make sure the legs are all the way into the mb.
  6. Will check heatsink. Im not overclocking currently temps are 71-72. Something is still missing big time. GPU is at 38.
  7. Anyone?
  8. open the case up and check that the cpu fan is moving 71c is too hot. did the cooler have the thermal paste on it??
    a lot people forget to use it if it does not have it already on. if it did have it on did you pull the plastic covering on the heat sink off??
  9. steadfast9661 said:
    I have tryed this -.- *crys*

    OK, lets start with temps.

    Lets get the Core Temp @ www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/ for the temps.

    Post what u see. A screenshot would be nice.
  10. U will have good score, once all is fixed.
  11. BTW, did u perform a clean install?
  12. Do u have windows on HDD or SSD?
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