Cheapest board that can drive four GPU's?

I plan on making a GPU folding@home rig, but I need a motherboard that can drive four GPU's. Remember, the board doesn't have to be crossfire/sli capable, it just has to have four pcie slots.

Should I go AMD for this route?
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  1. How about ASUS M5A97? AM3+ ATX Motherboard
  2. Yes AMD is the cheapest and safest way...To get 4 PCIe cards working properly with intel you'll need an X79 motherboards, which are the most Expensive right now
  3. I'm just not sure if 4 gts450's will fit. Microcenter has a good deal if you purchase a cpu (1045t) and board.

    Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3?
  4. Due to the slot layout, I don't think 4 GTS 450's would fit.

    But I guess the GA 990fxa ud5 might.

    Also you'd need an ATX case with 8 expansion slots!
  5. Who says I'm going to run this in a case? :P

    Any other boards? :(
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