Request timed out

I am using Vista basic 34 bit
Connection via vodafone mobile
Java 6.21
I never had any problems before and I have not changed anything but now I have difficulty on remaining connected to the internet when using java. I did a tracert and got

2 * * * request timed out

Then tried ipconfig /release but got error

"No operation can be performed on Wireless Network Connection while it has its media disconnted.
No operation can be performed on Network Connect Adapter while it has its media disconnected."

I also notice that at physical addres it shows


DHCP ENABLED..........No
Autoconfig enabled.........Yes

I am not very pc literate but I thank you in advance of any advice that can be given.
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  1. I tether my phone when I travel and I always get disconnected when updating steam, I can log in and play steam just fine, but if steam has to update I will lose my connection. I believe that is because they kick me when they see that certain protocols are being sent to my phone that can only be used while I'm tethering...just my thought on it.

    Also, the ipconfig/release message is because you are not using your onboard network connections. Your onboard wifi must be disabled, and the message appears when you try to reset it when its disabled.
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