Video Problem & PC won't recover

I have a PC I built using the following components:

Asus M5A97
Corsair DDR3 4gb x 2
EVGA GeForce GTX 550-TI
Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit SP1

The computer has worked fine for the past 6 months. Then recently, for no apparent reason, including while I'm in the middle of using it, the monitor goes black, I hear a sound like I've unplugged a USB device, and the computer won't recover. It was happening only once every few days, but then started getting worse. Finally today, I would reboot, and the system would boot fine, just with no video at all.

I've swapped out the power supply, the video card, and the motherboard, and it's still happening. When it happens, and I get the system back up after a hard reset, I check the logs and there are no failure entries, or warning events, or anything of the sort. This is REALLY frustrating to say the least. Need some help.
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  1. Did you add or update any programs lately? Is your power supply adequate?
    Try going into msconfig and stop all the non essential start up programs from starting @ boot up.
    Did you build it or is it a Dell?
  2. I built it. This is a fresh install of Windows 7 Enterprise. I reinstalled Windows 7 this week thinking that might be part of the problem, but no change. Power supply has been swapped using a 600w and a 750w with no change.

    There also seems to be no consistency in this happening. I've had it happen during boot up/loading of Windows, and other times after several hours of problem-free operation.

    New Behavior:
    I used to be able to shut down the computer by pressing Alt-F4 and then enter, but now it seems as though the keyboard isn't providing input once the video shuts off. I'm using an older-style PS/2 input MS Natural at the moment. Not sure that matters.
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