Computer freeze when playing Games

Hi, I got a problem when playing games like, Crysis 2 and GTA IV.
When i have been playing them for like 10-30min my screen freeze and the screen turn into a random color.
It is only Crashing doing thease two games all other games i dont have problems.
My pc is arround 1½ year old.

Here is my pc spec:

CPU: Intel i7 920 2.66GHz
GPU: XFX GTX260 Black Editon
PSU: Power Arkangel LC8850, 850W V2.2
RAM: Corsair Dominator 1600MHz 6GB Triple-Channel

Hope you can help me.

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  2. I am facing similar issue where Crysis freezes (no change in color) and pressing ctrl+alt+del recovers my system although games crashes.

    I tried running Furmark's Burn-In test for around 1.5 hours and it was fine; my CPU load during furmark is 99% and temperature was maximum 71C (FAN manually set to 50% speed). But still its hanging during games with-in an hour.

    I am waiting for some response also; although you can try running Furmark with full settings and see how it goes.

    My CPU is 1090T (overclocked) and GPU is Radeon HD 6970 (stock clocks)
  3. @OP, have you tried checking event viewer for errors with your display drivers? Try downloading driver sweeper, booting to safe mode, removing your drivers, run driver sweeper to clean them totally, boot into windows normally, download the newest drivers (non-beta versions) and install them.
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