I work for a technical support company and received a call from somebody attempting to get their gaming system connected to their home network. They had broadband internet modem connected to a vonage box - connected to a linksys wrt54gv8 wireless router. The customer was not able to connect to the network from their gaming console - receiving an error message indicating their the wpa key they were entering was incorrect - we verified through several different methods that the wpa key was indeed correct. After resetting network equipment (restarted computer, powercycled modem, vonage, and router) we were able to connect to network on computer but couldn't access the internet. Restarted computer several times - on third restart we were able to connect to internet - however pulled up command prompt and it indicated that the gateway ip had changed from to When attempting to login into router with this new gateway number it brought up the login page for the vonage??? Couldn't login into linksys any longer. The network name had changed from simply linksys - to linksys 3 - but wirelesskeyview 1.34 program indicated that the network name was still linksys and passphrase remained the same.

Very confused - why is gateway now the vonage? Vonage box isn't wireless, so we must be connected to linksys still but cannot pull up router page. Why can we not connect to network even though wpa key is correct? HELP
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  1. I believe the Vonage box is a router as well. Connect the computer directly to the Vonage box and then check IP address & Gateway.
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