Which Power supply would you recommend I buy?

Hello, great intelligent folkes. Wondering that if you could choose between buying either a OCZ SXS 500 watt, or a Corsair HX520 watt power supply for $50 Canadian dollars...which would you choose (as in better for reliability, power etc.) I thank you, in kind, for all responses.
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  1. The Corsair HX520 has been around for quite some time (2006).
    That being said it's an excellent Seasonic oem and semi-modular.
    I'm surprised you could even source one.
    It's a very solid unit.
  2. Thanks "Davcon" for your input and the link. It's listed on our local Kijiji as "new in box-never used" for $50. As well as the OCZ model I listed above, except in the ad it says he used it for a couple of months. So I take it your recommendation is the Corsair model?
  3. Absolutely go for the Corsair if it meets your system power requirements.
    Make sure it's the real McCoy.
    My previous link and this one will help you determine so.
    Be a good score if it's the real deal!
  4. what are you running? did you check your psu needs with what you have in your system? make sure its enough.
  5. Unfortunately Davcon, the Corsair sold on Kijiji by the time I emailed the guy selling it. Damn. Oh I guess I'll settle for the OCZ. I think it's still a pretty good deal. My specs currently are:
    current P.S.: generic brand 500 w
    O.S. Vista Ultimate 64 bit
    Processor: AMD Phenom X3 8400 (older processor but runs good)
    Vid Card: XFX Radeon HD4770
    RAM: 2x2GB Kingston PC2 6400 (800 mhz)
    Optical: LG DVD 16x writer
    a 120mm case fan, 2 92mm led case fans.
    (2) 80 seagate 80 GB hard drives (not much storage internally but I have an 500GB external H.D. Again, thanks for your responses.
    P.S. currently playing COD-Black ops at low settings and no stuttering in the game. Played MW1 and 2 and Battlefield:Bad Company2 without any problems either. Totally surprised me.
  6. that corsair was at an excellent price, too bad it sold

    your current system is not power demanding, the OCZ you listed will run with ease and is better then a generic unit.
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    Btw i wouldn't pay $50 for that OZC.
    Why you might ask?
    OCZ StealthXStream 2 500W - $55.79
    Then head over to NCIX pricematch it and get a $20 mir.
    It's not worth $50 imo from some guy on Craiglist.
    Much better deal for a better unit that has semi-modular cables.
    OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W
    I have two OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W units they are very easy to install and quiet.
    Don't know your exact budget but here's some other top quality units that would be fine with your gear.
    They aren't semi-modular they have fixed cables.
    XFX 450W Core Edition Single Rail - $49.99 CAD/$29.99CAD after mir
    Antec High Current Gamer 400W - $34.99 CAD
    The ModX 500w is great deal if you can swing that.
    You'll be glad you did.
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