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Radeon HD 6450 possibly run well in PCIe X16 x4 lane/electrical...

Does anyone have any idea what would happen to the quality and speed output of an AMD Radeon HD 6450 if I were able to run it in a full size PCIe X16 slot that is only x4 (eletrical)? I realize it asks for PCIe X16 and it is fairly advanced but it is a weak card.

I'm needing to use the PCIe X16 x16 slot on the motherboard for my Adaptec RAID card that requires an interface of 8-lane PCIe. I'm presuming x4 "electrical" means 4 lane. Maybe too technical for me.

Mainboard: Abit IP35 Pro
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  1. Small BUMP.

    I see some rare motherboards for sale that would work if I should need to buy one but they won't be there long.
  2. You'll have no problems, the card is nowhere near fast enough to use the speed of a X4 link so it'll run perfectly.
    And yes, it means 4 lanes.
  3. Holy crap that's a relief to hear. I was shopping 775 socket motherboards in Hong Kong - LOL

    Thank sure?...nevermind, thank you!
  4. I forgot to ask but maybe it was obvious ..will the system be stable if I run the video card in the second PCI slot and not the first (top) one?

    If this is doable I won't need a new mainboard.


    Okay I did some checking and from more than a few sources what I gather is that you can run your video card in PCIe X16 slot 2 (second). That slot on my IP35 Pro apparently is always running at x4 electrical.
    It is also a gen.

    1 slot and I wonder if there will be an impact on the Radeon HD 6450 which is 2.1. I'm going to make an assumption that it will not bottleneck that particular card. Am I wrong? I'll leave this thread open a while for more replies.
  5. It should be fine in the second slot and x4 shouldn't limit that card. I would make sure the slots are PCI-E 2.0 though. They have twice the bandwidth of 1.0 and 2.1 cards like the HD6450 sometimes have issues with 1.0 motherboards. If it is 1.0 I would switch to a different card 2.0 card unless there is a recent BIOS update.
  6. jyjjy said:
    It should be fine in the second slot and x4 shouldn't limit that card. I would make sure the slots are PCI-E 2.0 though. They have twice the bandwidth of 1.0 and 2.1 cards like the HD6450 sometimes have issues with 1.0 motherboards. If it is 1.0 I would switch to a different card 2.0 card unless there is a recent BIOS update.

    Oh thats not good.

    Our posts just crossed...

    Well instead of a video card upgrade or downgrade I have a couple options in a mainboard upgrade. I want that 6450 for its ultra low power draw and I have hopes it will give good 2D but it's predecessors have not.
    7W idle is sweet.

    I do have an EVGA 730i with the GeForce 9300 on-board. The video quality has been alright but the mainboard runs too hot for that Adaptec card even in the Li Lian server case it's in. I have a Thermalright cooler on the IGP southbridge but that only got the temps to normal. I'm getting off topic...

    The risk on this IP35 Pro may not be worthwhile given the older gen. 1 slots.

    I have access to buying one of these used for less than $100. They have the IO plates but not the original sound cards:


    I'm not sure which would be better. They are both more than I need -way more. My RAID controller was (necessarily) more than I need for that matter.

    My game PC , a different computer, is the ASUS P5e Deluxe so it would barely be better than my browser/work/Hulu-Crackle/video edit/home server if I were to buy one of those. Using the EVGA 730i right now.

    Well.....recommendation between those motherboards? Only the X38 is 16 x 16 but 8 x 8 on the P45 would be just fine also from what you two have said. Both are gen 2.0.
  7. Well for 2D applications you really don't need much. Any of the lower end cards will do just fine. plenty of them are even lower power than the HD6450 and even a 1.0 x4 slot shouldn't limit them. The HD4350 is very cheap, low power and should do well in 2D. Or consider the GT 520 or a 2.0 model of the HD5450.
  8. Sorry, I meant to say no 3D. No games.

    So my 2D includes High Definition. It's got to be a good HTPC card and better than my current GeForce 9300 IGP. If I want to save $100 I can skip a small video card upgrade I guess. That seemslike the best route. When AMD's Bulldozer is released I will probably upgrade my game PC then anyway and can transition the ASUS P5e Deluxe to the home server.

    I guess its EVGA 730i IGP and drop the Adaptech into the X16 slot. I'll seach out a clip on 40mm fan for the RAID controller if heat gets to be an issue but I balanced the air pressure in my server case well so there should be very good air flow already.
  9. Well the GT 520 is very new so has all the latest A/V features. It is also a 2.0 card so it should work fine in 1.0 motherboards. Here are some numbers on the power consumption;
    and the HD6450 for comparison;
    Really though the HD4350 is cheaper and should do just fine as an HTPC card unless you need some advanced features like 3D Bluray support or bitstreaming audio.
  10. My 9300 IGP is better than the HD4350. The spec's look almost the same. I'd have to get at least a 5000 series with AMD. Still looking around.

    Why do you say the HD6450 will not run well in the gen. 1 slot motherboards??
  11. Best answer
    PCI-E 2.1 cards in general frequently have issues with PCI-E 1.0 slots. It varies from board to board though and if there is a relatively recent BIOS update the issue may have been addressed. You can try it and it could work fine but I would stick with 2.0 cards if you don't want the possibility of needing to RMA the card.
  12. The Radeon HD 4550 looks good. I saw the power draw on the charts you posted are extremely low also. It appears to be a boost over the 9300 spec of 450MHz core and 1200MHz memory. I know there's more to it than that though. Got to find one with DDR3 somewhere else besides Newegg since they're shopped very well. Going to read some more reviews on the HD4550 HTPC performance.

    I still haven't ruled out a new motherboard. I mean they are both going to be working perfect but no real warranty. Those I mentioned above are both the same price of $90 which is amazing ..they wont be for sale long.
  13. Just for the hey of it ..which of those two mainboards I list above would be the best pick? They both have complaints about heat and the X38 listed had poor BIOS support. This wont take us too far off Graphics Cards since its all to a the point of getting a mate to the card I'd like or whatever. The closer I get to spending $90 the more sense buying one of those old overkill monsters.

    Just like to know what one you (anyone) would pick.

    ..still looking at video cards though.

    There are many PCIe 2.0 HD 5000's

    EDIT: I forgot ..I have a nearly unused MSI Radeon HD 2600XT packed away. Has passive cooling also. I think it will max at 125W under load though. That is a bit too high. If I undervolt and underclock it it will not be able to do HD video so...

    EDIT: Talk about budget card efficiency progress.
  14. jyjjy you out of the house or did you get bored with me?

    I located a new-in-the-box Radeon HD5670. It isn't the one linked below. That's just for readers.

    PCIe 2.

    AFAIK that card WAS the best for HTPC on the AMD side before the 6000 series.

    Still seeing if I can beat that price on that same card then I'm out to rake leaves.
  15. Bought a Radeon HD5670 (Saphire) for $60 taxed and delivered to the door. I had a gift certificate from last christmas I hadn't used. This one doesn't sip power like the 6450 but it is more powerfull ..and Best Buy didn't have any 6000's yet.

    jyjjy I really appreciate the tip-off on the 2.1. You'll have to win the Best Answer thing.
    Keeping the thread open until this evening.
  16. Yeah, the HD5670 is about the best you should consider for an HTPC card. It is even a decent gaming card at low resolutions.
    FYI those power numbers on the older cards in the chart you linked are for the whole system while the newer ones are just for the card. This is a good page for info on power draw of video cards if you are interested;
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