Apple Mac Book Pro OR Pre Built Desktop

Apple Mac Book Pro OR Pre Built Desktop PC

Either a desktop pc with the full spec below OR a Apple Mac Book Pro 17 inch Core i7 brand new from apple store uk

I know they are both very different but obviously from what the system will be used for its not that demanding in todays market both have their pro’s and cons and I would appreciate the advice and opinions

Please help me decide on which to get the system is to be used for the following and nothing more:

Gaming (WoW Cata / Dawn of War 2 series / Star Craft 2) That’s pretty much the only games ill use this system for ill never use it for Call of duty and those type games as I have a xbox 360 which I prefer to play on for those type of titles.

Dowloading Movies / Music I do ALOT of this


Burning DVD’s and CD’s

Streaming downloaded movies with a HD lead to my 50” Plasma TV

Light use of Microsoft Office 2010 (I have my own retail copy)

A lot of web browsing

This is the full spec of the Mac Book Pro:
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  1. You seem to have forgotten to post the actual specs...

    Regardless, Macs are ok but expensive. The nice thing is that they come with decent programs for writing, spreadsheets, photo editing, video editing etc.

    The desktop will probably be cheaper for the same specs but you don't get MS Word, Adobe Photoshop, or whatever for free. There are free ones available, though. Legally I mean ;) like GIMP and Open Office.

    Generally Macs aren't good for gaming because they use mid/low end GPUs, like the 5770 and then give you a massive 2560x1440 screen. This means that of the few (relatively speaking) games that you can play on a Mac, they're going to probably only be playable at low and medium settings.
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