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Just Cause 2 graphics card

What do graphics card do i need to run Just Cause 2? My pc specs are:-
Intel 946GZ Chipset.
Intel GMA 3000. Ram - 1 GB( I will upgrade)
HDD - 80 GB(I will upgrade this.)
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator.
Speed- 2 Ghz
Sound - SigmaTel HD Audio.

My budget is 100$ - 120$.
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  1. What processor is in the system exactly and what resolution will you be using and what is the brand/model of your power supply?
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    At a resolution of 1680X1050 you will need at least a intel core 2 duo processor,2GB RAM and an 8800GT or an equivalent.You also need windows 7 or windows vista to play the xp is unsupported.With these specifications you can play the game at lowest settings but still It will run the game.Good thing that just cause 2 looks great even on lowest settings!
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  4. I am using a Intel Core 2 Duo Processor at 1366 x 768 resolution and I would prefer ATI, NvIdIa or MSi graphics and I will be buying a new power supply too.
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