Suggest graphic card and psu

hey guys
i have to buy a graphic card
and i hv searched 6850 cyclone,6870,5870 and gtx 460 cyclone

my specs r
c2d e7400
2gb ram
g31 board

and i hv to buy a psu
my budget is fr RS6500 indian rupees:P

so pls suggest me a gud gpu and psu as no upgrade for gpu and psu for 2 years.....
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  1. Rs 6500 will not get you any of the cards you specified, let alone a PSU too.
    what kind of games you intend to play and at what res?
    do you intend to buy in india itself or get it from somewhere else?
  2. dude dat money is only for psu's
    and fr gpu only from the above.....i mentioned
  3. jump
  4. If you really plan to get a new system after 2 years, I suggest the Corsair TX 650.
    Among the video cards get the HD 6850 or GTX 460, depending on which one is cheaper.
  5. and waqt abt 6870 and 5870
  6. What resolution do you play at?
  7. full hd 1920*1080
  8. is there anybody???
  9. There might be a bottleneck with those cards, though anyway you'll have to OC that CPU.
  10. so btw which card is best as no upgrade for 2years......
  11. Either one of them is good enough.
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