Is this power supply gonna be good enough?

Recently my old 700w stealthxstream burned so then started the task of replacing it..

Today my friend sent me the link to this psu

I was wondering if it is good enough for my current system and maybe even good enough for future crossfire like say, two 6870s.

For 50 bucks is this the best I can do and if not, I'd like to hear your suggestions.

Oh Specs, right.

Intel Core i7 950 on Asus Sabertooth
some cheap harddrive from samsung
5 case fans
Radeon hd 4870 graphics
6gb Gskill Ram (DDR3-1600 I believe)
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  1. Personally i own two of those.
    No doubt there's better out there.
    It would be fine for your current set-up.
    I'd look at something else if you want to Xfire though 700+W.
  2. Excellent psu...will work swell for your system currently, but i'd suggest stepping up to a 700-750W before you crossfire.
  3. haha sorry davcon you beat me by 10 seconds :P
  4. Hmm okay well it looks like most quality 700w psus seem to be around 100 bucks and I'm not really looking to pay that much at this moment. I think i will go with the OCZ in that case
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