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Sapphire 5850 xtreme for less than $140

I just noticed that Sapphire has released a new 5850 a year and a half after the initial release of the 5850. My question is, can I crossfire one of these with my current Sapphire 5870 and run them on my Thermaltake Toughpower 750w PSU. Hopefully at the the 5870's stock clocks, if the 5850 can handle it. If not, I would even be willing to run them both at the 5850's clocks if I had too. (147.20) CAN (139.99) US

Well either way, here are some reviews for the new card. For less than $140(US) I think it's an absolute steal. According to these reviews, it totally destroys everything else close to it's price range.
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  1. Yes you can.Just know that the faster card will be downclocked to the speed of the slower card or you can O.C. the slower card to the speed of the fastest.

    Whats the make/model of your PSU?More of howm any amps are on the 12/v rail and how many watts can it support?
  2. 18 amps per 12v rail. 4 seperate 12v rails. Im running a 5870 now off of two of the rails with no issue. Here is a review of the PSU. The review is old I know, and maybe the age of the PSU will be the biggest factor. It's 5+ years old now, and has been stable/without issue since it was bought.

    Here is the PSU description/specifications from the Thermaltake website: I used their PSU calculator and with my config the 750w TP was one of the recommended PSU's for my clocks(cpu) and xfire 5870's. So I think it would be fine, except maybe the age might play a huge factor. I'm not really sure.
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    The 750W thermaltake toughpower has at least 50amps on the 12v rails (56amps, i think). should be more than enough to run 5850s crossfire, 5870 crossfire total system load is at 600W (furmark,
  4. it has a limited to an output of 720W (60amps total) on the 12v rails, but its enough.
  5. Yes age will play a big factor but I expect you've got another year out of it maybe after that I would buy a new one.
    Yah you havep plenty power for that crossfire setup.
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