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i had an old pc with an nvidia GeForce 9800 GT, i have just got a new pc with an ATI radeon card thats not as good as the 9800 GT, i would like to put my GeForce card in instead but i have lost the disc with all the drivers that came with it, i have tryed to download the drivers from the nvidia site but it says i must have the card in already but i have tryed to use the card without drivers before and it didnt let me on the pc. Does anyone know where i can get the same software that was on that disc online or if its possible ? thanks
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  1. just go to and fill the info to download the drivers manually and before you install them make sure that the old Ati drivers are removed properly, everythig must be removed including install manager.then secondly make sure that you have inserted the 9800GT card properly.Now install the drivers and you shouldn't face any problem.
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