Startup repair keeps on popping up

I got microsoft security essentials installed on my pc as well as malwaire antimalwaire. when ever i do a scan with m s e on safe or on normal mode,
it keeps telling me i have trojan win32 alureon,program win 32Coin Miner, trojan win 64/Sirefef J, trojan win64 sirefef B, and trojan win64 sirefef F.
it tells me to restart my pc to remove it. when i do it, this keeps on popping up that i still have it.
alot of times after i reset after m s e found those things. a startup repair is checking your system pops up and it takes ten minutes till windows goes back to normal.
it also says if problems are found, start up repair will remove programs and fix them automatically.
i have tried reinstalling m s e but it keeps on saying the same thing.

i also did a scan with malwaire bytes normal and safe and removed the stuff it told me.
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