PhenomIIx4 945 on am2+ mobo...performance?

so the phenom 945 is a am3 processor but i have a am2+ mobo that can take it with an updated bios. now im going to guess it probably wont utilize all that the 945 can do correct? mobo uses ddr2-800 ram. im currently running a 64x2 6000 125w right now and looking for a good jump in performance (hoping that windows index goes from its current 6.1 cpu processing power to over 7 at least) and eat less power.

looking to pick up the 945 (95w version) to max out my mobo in the near future when price gets steady at under $100...
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  1. so what would be the limitation with a am2+ vs a full am3 mobo?
  2. Mostly that you can not run DDR3! everything else is there except the newest tech like SATA6GB or USB3.
  3. oh...well then haha. i should upgrade.

    what would happen if i stick an unsupported processor in my mobo such as those higher than the 945?
  4. Hey I was in a similar situation. I was using an older Athlon 5600+ on my Asus M2a-Vm.

    There were two things that I wanted to do.

    1. New card. I wanted to put in a AMD 5 series which is PCIE 2.0/1 though my board is only 1.0.

    2. I wanted to put in a Phenom II.

    The processor and the card worked post a bios upgrade. Be warned about a couple of things though.

    1. Your mo bo supported TDP should match your processor required TDP. If its higher it will run at 800Mhz. A 940 works on my AM2 board but a 955 drops to 800Mhz!!!!!!!

    2. Is the last bios update at least on December 2010. If not the processor might not work. A new card will definitely not work.

    Try it and reset the Bios CMOS. Take out the battery and put it back. Test before buying stuff. Its safer that way.

    My benchmarks are also the same as on AM3 boards. Games run smoothly and near to Toms benches.
  5. Well, I'm using the M3N-HT Deluxe Mempipe Edition with a Phenom II X4 965BE. Since the board doesn't support Crossfire I have just one HD5770 Stuck in it right now. Earlier it used to have 2 9600GT's in SLI and another one to handle PhysX.
    Yeah, it's DDR 2 800 but I'm running my X4 at 4.0GHz and the 5770 is actually a 5750 with the 5770 Flashed onto it.
    My resolutions are 1920X1080 for both the monitors setup on it. And it works like a dream.
    If you want to wait and save a little more cash for a good upgrade it's be ok, since the board and the processor plus the ram will do a good job of everything.
  6. yea thing is with computer parts, tomorrow is always a new release so theres no such thing as being future proof. cheap upgrades here and there every like 4 years is what i can do. my m2n sli is already 4 years old and i havent done a single upgrade with it since i bought it with a athlon 64x2 6000+. another $100 for a phenom 945 within 4 years? not bad i suppose.

    yea asus says max supported processor is a 945 so i think im good to go.
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