Help!USB mouse will not work in bios or windows install

So I just built a new system and when I enter the bios or windows install the USB mouses I have won't work, I also get error code 62 on the debug LED

ASus p8z77 deluxe using on board graphics
Intel i5 3750k
Corsair vengeance 4 gb

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. When navigating a BIOS you must use the keyboard.
  2. It's uefi bios meaning I can use mouse and keyboard
  3. Anyone ?
  4. Try another USB mouse or try using a PS2 mouse if possible. Are you sure that you are NOT plugging the USB mouse into a USB 3.0 port. You must use USB 2.0 as 3.0 generally isn't natively supported in the BIOS or Windows(requires a driver).
  5. Try all of the different usb ports. Only some work during the install process.
  6. so it turns out my bios is on a unpublished version, i shall update to the latest when i get home or tomorrow, the latest update supposedly fixes some USB compatibility issues

    hopefully this helps :??:
  7. OK so the update didnt work so i am returning it to amazon where i bought it :fou:
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