Bad rail or two bad cards?

I did a build back in December using an MSI P67a-GD65 (B3) mainboard. I bought a 560ti that blew out within a week, second card did the same thing. With the third card I put it in the other PCI-e slot and it has been running fine, OC'ed to 950/2175 @ 1.025v.

I want to SLI my cards, but I'm afraid my other PCI-e rail is bad. I took it in to some professionals, but they didn't tell me anything specific.

I fear that if I try to SLI my cards that both will be destroyed, but most people tell me they think I just got two bad cards in a row.

If I decide to SLI, should I upgrade my motherboard rather than risk the chance that the rail is bad?
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  1. Why don't you just rma the board for a replacement? Put in a request online and give them 24 hours to respond. Msi normally goes by the serial number to determine if the board is still in warranty. Also be sure you're using the correct rail for a single card, and your power supply is adequate.
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