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Hi Guys!
I found this case + PSU combo.
I plan on using an AMD 1090T, 16 gigs of DDR corsair vengeance 1600,ASRock 990FX Extreme 3 motherboard and either CF 6770 or 6850.i have also picked out with My budget for case and PSU is under $130. I am looking forward to any suggestions you guys could have.
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  1. The bundled PSU would never run those in crossfire!
  2. What would be a good psu then? for around $50
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    From the looks of the pictures of that case, that "600 W power supply" has only 14 A on its 12 V rail, thats only 168 W which is barely enough for that CPU, any GPU would put it over the limit and probably kill it.

    General rule is that bundled PSUs are utter crap, there are a very few limited exceptions, but almost all are crap.

    The XFX unit rolli suggested will handle two 6850s in CF, i wouldnt go much lower than it.
  4. That powersupply looks great. Thanks.
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