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Hey guys, I have an upcoming build with an LIAN LI PC-9F and I read in a feedback that a Modular PSU is a must for this case. Can someone find me one on newegg to go with this case? Ill be using i5 2500k for pcu and Nvidea GTX 560TI gui. :
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  1. What's your budget?
  2. Trying to keep it under 100 but a few over will be okay
  3. Newegg or Amazon
  4. Either one of these would be fine and would allow for sli in the future.
    XFX 750W PRO750W XXX Edition Single Rail ATX -$89.99 USD/after mir/free shipping

    You could buy a cheaper less powerful unit if you never plan on adding a second gpu.
    Something like a 600-650W modular.
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    A modular power supply is one that the cables are not integrated into the unit itself. You only attach the connectors that you need so you aren't left with a bunch of unused cables that just take up space after you have connected everything, this allows for a much nicer/cleaner install.

    For a single GPU build you can get away with 550W-650W, for a multiple GPU rig you would want more of course.

    Antec 550W $64.99 -

    OCZ 600W $74.99 but has promo code for $10 off -

    Slightly better Antec 550W -

    Seasonic 620W $99.99 -

    There's a few examples of some quality units that would be more than enough power for a single GPU gaming rig, assuming it doesn't have tons of extras like lights, water cooling, tons of fans, multiple raid arrays, etc.
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