New Build Whining Noise When Gaming

Hey I have completed my new build, but when i start a GPU intensive game i get a high pitched whining noise either from the PSU or GPU.

PSU: OCZ 850W 80+ Gold Modular [72A on 1 12V rail]

GPU: MSI Twin Frozer 2 560ti 2GB

The noise that it makes is exactly the same as this video:

The noise changes depending on the menu option of the game like the video.

On the Bios my 12v rail is at 12.28 V but in SpeedFan it is about 6.8V

The only other components i have that could test are a coolermaster 500w which is not good enough to run my system and a 9600gt which wouldn't draw enough power to find out.

Is there any advice on how to identify and fix this problem?
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  1. Ok with the side of the case fan off and a paper horn. I think the noise is coming from the centre of the PSU. Should I turn the PC off immediately?
  2. Ok so with the case fan off, and being on the desktop, i can hear the whine although it is alot quieter and at a constant pitch.

    This must be a bad PSU? Could there be settings on the BIOS which is restricting the PSUs 12v Rail?
  3. So can you identify where does the noise come from? Is it from the fan? Or the vibration between you psu, case and your desk?

    Yu must clearly know the noise source before you can apply suitable solution... Or else even if you replaced pus, the sound will still be there
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