GTX 670 SLI not working on Biostar TZ77Xe3

Hey everyone, this is my first time posting on this website, though I visit it quite often. Anyways, I have a problem with my GTX 670 SLI configuration. My computer works great with one card, no matter which card it is or which slot it's in. But when I install that second card, when I turn my computer on it starts up for 5 seconds, then turns off and turns back on in some idle mode where I got a black screen and all the fans are running and the error on my Post Code on my motherboard says "95". I tried uninstalling and using new PSU, different power outlets, different power cables and all did the same thing. Work great with one card, and wont even start with 2 cards. I'm also using the SLI bridge Biostar included. My PSU is a TX750W and I know this should be enough to power 2 or even 3 GTX 670s if I wanted to. The brand of card is EVGA GTX 670 2 GB, no overclock. Both cards are the exact same and both work when they're alone. In my motherboard's manual I looked at the Post Code Checkpoints and there was a 90 and 05 checkpoints, but no 95, but I'm guessing it's these 2. 05 says "Initializes the interrupt controlling hardware (generally PIC) and interrupt vector cable." 90 says " Initialization of system management interrupt by invoking all handlers. Please note this checkpoint comes right after checkpoint 20h." I am not sure what they mean by 20h, and I don't really understand what I need to do to fix it. Any help is appreciated. Note that this is not a PSU issue! THANKS
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  1. Never mind I went into my mobo and disabled this stupid thing called no snoop and it works perfect now. Fastest computer I've ever built
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