Case has 4 fans but only 3 places to plugin on MOBO.

Bought a antec 900 case. It has 4 fans (3 with blue LED). Has trouble at first with the fans spinning but put them on the medium setting and now they work fine.

I have asus z77 lk mobo. It only has 3 chasis fan plugins. How do I get all 4 running?
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  1. Plug them to the PSU. You won't be able to control their speed but if it's a decent fan it won't make too much noise
  2. ^Yes, just use your Molex connector for the 4th case fan.
  3. If you the connector on the 4th fan is not molex then you will require an converter wire.
  4. Thanks! :) Looks like I need a as the wire to my fan is female. Luckily fan has a controller built in L/M/H.
  5. Glad we could help. Some fans already have a connector similar to that one when bought but I guess yours didn't
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