Do I have to connect my CPU fan to my motherboard?

Or can I use my fan controller?
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    Both can be used, but you will have to disable cpu fan failure detection in BIOS and make sure that you know what you are doing. Motherboard connector and bios management is still the safest way to connect the cpu fan
  2. How would I go about disabling the fan failure detection? I will have it set up on the fan controller so that it is always on, so as soon as I turn on my computer, it will turn on and start spinning.
  3. BIOS has a function to detect fan failure. If your cpu fan don't sent feedback to the mobo, which will be the case if it is plugged to the controller, then the bios will sound an alarm. depending how your BIOS is configured, you may or may not receive the alarm
  4. well, I'll try it when I get home, hope it works
  5. Normally it is on the bios page called health. With the CPU fan on the controller you still have the ability to sound an alarm if the CPU hits a given temperature.
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