4GB PC10600 vs 8GB PC1280

On my i7 Sony Vaio F series laptop I just recently ordered a 180GB SSD, I also run Arch linux with Gnome3, given this the only other thing I can really see upgrading my laptop as far as speed goes is to go from my 4GB PC10600 to a 8GB of PC12800 RAM. Would this amount to a significant performance increase or not? I understand that everything else aside going from PC 10600 to PC12800 or simply going from 4GB to 8GB isn't a huge increase unless using very heavy software but what if upgrading both? I don't do *too* many memory intensive tasks other than running some games (such as in WINE) and running virtual machines for various tasks.
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  1. More RAM, better smooth run. Learn about the RAM disc.

    8GB should be the min RAM : )
  2. I said screw it and ordered it :D
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