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I know my cpu or mobo is bad.(00 error code... aka not used....aka mobo bad or cpu not working properly or making contact with only some pins) rma team says my new motherboard works and they tested it. before I had to rma my mobo, I installed windows on my computer but it then droped and it bent cpu socket pins. could that have damaged the processor even without seeing any physical damage on the cpu? I just rma-d the cpu today. crossing my fingers that asrock is telling the truth and that somehow my cpu was damaged. if I get my new cpu and it dosent work I will Be depressed for another 3 weeks while I rma my motherboard...... agian....

I know I didnt fry my cpu, I know theres no bent spcket pins, I triple checked

cpu 3930k
mobo asrock extreme6 x79
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  1. Could be your board doesn't post for another reason; maybe the ram wasn't seated all the way into the slot, or the power supply won't work with your board (rare, but it happens). Cpu failures are extremely rare. I recommend you troubleshoot out of the case on a non conductive surface. Check the cmos jumper, and be sure it's in the "run" position. Test each ram stick one at a time in the slot closest to the cpu. Good luck.
  2. no, again the problem is for sure either the cpu or the motherboard. power supply works, as I mentioned, I installed windows. tried on my motherboard box, same problem. my dr debug error code means some issue with cpu 95% of time.
  3. Intel should send you a new cpu if you explain the steps you've already tried; I did their rma process once and they got me a new cpu in about six days.
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