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5870 twitches when cold

I've had this card for a while and it's always done this.

On a cold boot the screen will twitch about 20-30 seconds after the boot is done. It might even black out briefly. If it's just a restart the twitch is more minor, and is barely noticeable at all occasionally.

Drivers don't change this and it doesn't seem to get worse. However, I think the behavior can also be seen whenever the UAC prompt comes up. At that point the screen will go black for an unusual amount of time... up to 5 seconds.

Any opinions on the seriousness of this problem? It's water cooled so before I RMA it I would like opinions :) It's no simple task to pull it out.
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  1. Well, go figure. I changed the refresh rate from 59mhz to 60 and installed the monitor .inf... all better.
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    If you install the drivers for your monitor that may prevent your system using unsupported modes like 59Hz instead of 60Hz.

    Check to see if you have a CD with monitor drivers, otherwise check online.

    Make sure the driver is for your exact model of monitor and that it supports your version of Windows.

    If your monitor is connected via a VGA cable your drivers must be installed manually.

    If your monitor is connected via a DVI cable (or HDMI) your drivers may install automatically.

    You can verify if your drivers are installed in the Device Manager or by right-clicking the desktop and choosing "Desktop Resolution." Under "Monitor" (or "Display") if it has your monitor listed the drivers are installed; if it just lists a generic monitor the drivers are not installed.
  3. My driver should have been installed but wasn't. As I said it's all fixed... but you have covered it nicely for the next guy ;)
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