SLI/Crossfire vs High-end Single Card

Sorry if this has been covered, I didnt find any recent articles or forum posts.

Im currently looking at 2x HD 6950 which will land at about 5000 $. Would it be preferable performance wise to buy a single 5000 $ card, assuming newer titles which support SLI/Crossfire?

For the sake of argument the PSU is free and powerful enough to power a small town.

To clarify: I'm primarily looking for hard facts/comparing tests or reviews.
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  1. My opinion is to buy a single card first. In your case, a 6970, unless you want to flash a single 6950.
    Crossfire, to me, is an upgrade option, not a performance feature.
  2. Well, if you are asking "what is the most performance I can get for $500", then I would say the answer has to be the 6950's in crossfire. That is according to this article.,2912-6.html

    A single card solution of the same performance will cost around $700, so no a $500 single card solution will not be as powerful as the crossfired cards.

    However, I agree with what jockey said. Unless you demand that much video muscle right now, I would buy a single 6970. Then wait 6-8 months to find a big sale on them and pick another one up. Maybe by then there might be more games that demand the power of 2 6970's.
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