6970 vs 580

Can anyone recommend which if these is the better card? Eventually I will have 2 cards but I am starting with one. I have read some reviews and they seem pretty even. On one game one card will perform better than the other and vice versa.

The 6970 has more memory and a faster clock speed but the 580 still beats it in some games. I can't work it out.

Has anyone tested these two cards themselves that can give me advice?

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  1. pls do some research

    gtx580 has around %40 larger chip than 6970..

    6970sells for 350usd while gtx580 sells for 500usd...

    most logical thing is to buy 6950and mod it to 6970
    and oc to 950 there you have your gtx580for 250usd
  2. well both are powerful cards, I personally have 2 gtx 580 with a a LCD TV lg 1080P 2.6ms and I can tell you that those togheter are plenty power to play anything at high video settings but after seeing some benchmarks about Watts consumption two 6970 have plenty power for less watts.
    2 gtx 580 very very fast but more more power required. die size is 530mm^^2
    2 Ati (radeon) hd 6970 very fast and not to much power required for crosffirex due to its die (silicon) size of 380mm^^2
    The difference in die size and number in transistors is the reason why one is faster than the other and as a result power watts needed to function. both are great cards with different characteristics Ati radeon has eyefinity up to 5 monitors in a single card nvidia has cuda physx and 2 monitors per card.. If you don't care about power consumption get the nvidia cards if you care get ATI Radeon cards.
  3. The cards that are more closely related are the 6970 and 570. Cost and performance.
  4. For the price of a gtx 580, you could get crossfire amd 6950s. That would be much faster than a single gtx 580...
  5. i will never crossfire 2 cards again. i got 2 6870's for 350 and i could get great FPS, but there is this little annoying crappy thing called micro stuttering.


    i have experienced this with bf3. this makes the game unplayable to me. its just like there is lag. same thing with crysis 2.

    going with a 7950, 7970, 580, or 680.

    which card would you choose if it were just 1....and why
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