Counter-Strike: Source FPS problems.

Hi, my fps is counter strike source is going quite weird and I don't know how to fix it.


AMD 1090t 6 core @ 4.0GHZ
8gb corsair dominator ram.

With the normal game, the 1life game on the stock maps, fps isnt a problem at all, usually stays well above 200 at 1600x900 with anti-aliasing at 4x.
The odd thing is, when i go to play a mod, gungame for example, i do not get this kind of fps at all, sometimes it will dip down to 60fps. I know the game is smooth at 60fps, but still. Here's the weird thing, i turn all of my settings to the lowest they can go and the fps is EXACTLY the same.

Hope someone can help!

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  1. lol. GTX 580 is so overkill for that game.

    It looks like perhaps the mods are triggering v-sync?

    Anyway, if this does not affect your gaming I would not worry about it. It's not even a minor problem, just an oddity. I doubt your monitor can spit out 200+ FPS so this is defiantly a non-issue.
  2. psst. (whispering) don't try to reason with cs:s people about fps.
  3. The FPSjunkies who consistently demand 300FPS (Orange Box Engine's maximum) are few and far inbetween outside of their domain on the internet..I hope we've not encountered one.

    Anyways, Sazza, do me a favor. Navigate: Steam (right click) -> Library -> Counter Strike: Source (right click) -> Properties -> Set Launch Options -> Type everything between these quotes, "-autoconfig"

    Launch the game, then exit the game. Remove -autoconfig from the launch options, then reopen the game and join a server.
  4. ok, thank you shadow, I will try this now.
  5. and Chief_Texas_82, i get 250fps constant cod4.
  6. hmm, the -autoconfig didnt seem to help.

    Also iv'e narrowed the problem down, the fps seems to drop when there are a lot of players, lets say 30 playing on a small map, not a stock one like dust2. but the weird thing is, when i turn the settings down on these small maps, i get the same fps.

    The problem doesnt normally affect the normal game, just the mods.
  7. If you don't have any custom models/sounds/skins, then go to your c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\<your name here>\counter strike source\, and delete the cstrike folder.

    This will force you to redownload everything upon connecting to a server (custom models/maps/everything) and might help for a server that had a glitchy item.

    Please note this will remove ANY custom skins, models, scripts, or sounds that you have.
  8. ok done that, just re-downloading.
  9. Have you checked with other people using that map to see what FPS they are getting? It may not be your setup at all.
  10. hmm, no i havent, i will do that, thanks for the idea
  11. ok, i just spoke to some people in-game playing stock maps, i was getting low fps there too. they say that i should be getting max. one said it may be to do with my cpu voltage, which is 1.45V for my 6 core amd1090t ~ 4.0GHZ.

    I have no idea on what to do from here, please help!
  12. anyone?
  13. CPU Voltage has nothing to do with it.

    But I have no idea why you're getting poor frames. Corrupt files, bad driver it ONLY with CS:S?
  14. It is only with CS:S to this extent, I am getting sub-par fps with all of my games it seems. I really don't understand, I saw someone post on the steam forums about his fps. He has EXACTLY the same setup as me, and on a 64 player server, his fps never dips below 300 whereas mine goes down to 40.

    This has now gotten to a point where I am literally tearing my hair out because of it, the reason this is happening is unknown. Thankfully, I bought this computer off of a custom pc site, so I may complain to them. Thank you shadow for being of help, is there anything else I can do?

    However, I'm beginning to think this might be CPU related, but I have a 6 core @4.0ghz. I honestly don't have a clue.
  15. CPUs don't underperform. Graphics have software that's related to them that may cause a GPU to give less-than-optimal results, however I've never heard of a processor doing less than it should.

    Sorry about your problem mate..I've no other idea. Good luck to you!
  16. Ok mate, cheers for the help. I guess all I've got left to do is to complain to lol. Has anyone else got ANY ideas, at the moment I'll try anything.
  17. sometimes 6 core cpu's have issues particularly with older games. try this fix

    Set processor affinity to no more than 2 cores
  18. Thanks for the idea, but this also doesn't work, it has no difference. Has anyone experienced this problem before?
  19. They're hinting towards a faulty hard drive after looking at system logs, could this be the cause?
  20. I am not sure how a hdd can effect sustained FPS. HDD problems usually show up in stuttering or lag spikes, but not continuous low FPS.
  21. Hmm, in that case im starting to think that there might be a fault with either the cpu or motherboard, are there any tests i can run to confirm this?
  22. I dont think your hardware is faulty. you say it works fine on other games and when you have no mods installed. id say ths issue is with the mods/game installation.
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