Question about heat, and CPU ID/Core Temp

okay so I just built a new system

i7 2600k with stock fan(soon to be replaced)
evga 560 ti superclocked 2gig ddr5
8 gig ripjaws gskill 1833 ram
asus p8p67 bios rev 3.0
think thats all the important has 2 1 side intake 1 back intake one top out fan also btw...

anyhow...i was playin bf3 beta all week while it was out, and ive been on battlefield bad company 2 a lot also. now my coretemp readings have never gone higher than 76 ever...usualy low 70s which i have seen is par the course for a stock cooler...celsius of course.

I started using CPUID HW Monitor cuz i upped hte speed on my Vid cards fan and wanted to see the temp on my vid card.

It lists the same numbers as core temp under the Intel Core i7 2600k tab, for each core and package.

What i noticed that confused me is under the Mobo for temperatures it lists Mainboard, CPU, and CPU Socket... now mainboard and CPU socket are each 41/52 degrees respectively running BFBC2 on max.

But CPU(only under the motherboard tab, not hte i7 tab itself) lists 128 degrees C.

Core temp and CPUID under the i7 spot list cores muuuuch lower in normal range, hitting like 75 tops with a load.

Does that CPU thing that reads 128 degrees C mean my mobos CPU temp sensor is just broken? or should I be alarmed? Like i said I have run the bf3 beta and bfbc2 like...8 hours a day on this comp for the last week and have not had a single issue. Just saw that wierd temp tonight...and I figured I shoudl ask you guys since you've had answers to all my problems in the past! Thanks again for the help.

****edit**** added a pick of cpuid and coretemp running to clarify incase i didnt write it clear enough.

One more thing I should add...while every sensor changes very regular...the one in question has been sitting at hte same temp for like an hour. While the cores keep changing(having normal temps).
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  1. btw this was all while running battlefield bad company 2...liek literally was just in the middle of a huge gun fight and tabbed out to take SS(just to make sure it was taxing the computer)
  2. Anybody ever see this before?
  3. What's running in the background while you're ingame?
  4. 1. This could be a weird setting that a bios update could fix, as it could be reading in Farenheit.

    2. If your mobo sensor was broken, it wouldn't show correctly anywhere, as thats where the CoreTemp app gets its information from (if im not mistaken). This doesnt mean that 75c isnt a close temp reading, but it probably isn't exact, or it could be a bad download of the monitor app.

    3. If it is that hot, you would manually be able to feel that kind of heat from the processor. 128c is appr. would have smoked and made funny mocking gestures at you as it melted away and possibly your mobo.

    So, i believe you are running ok temps, but possibly too hot for it to run correctly. Are you getting any BSoDs, Black Screening, Power Downs (restarts/shutdowns), or programs closing down randomly?
  5. Sorry! was at work all day...while I had BFBC2 open last night I believe the only other thing open was Ventrilo. And maybe Chrome?

    Also most nights that slot says 60 and never changes, in fact right now it says 60 in the CPU spot under Mobo.

    But ive never seen it change dynamically...just last night it was crucially high for some reason.

    And nope no smoking or anything ever came from the PC, and Ive never had a single bsod, black screen, or anything since I made this computer 2 weeks ago.

    While I was on BF3 beta the game locked up a few times here and there but i could just ctrl+alt+del and close it in task manager and reopen...the other ppl I played with reported similar issues all except one person sooooo I just chocked that up to betas being betas...never had a crash on BFBC2 tho and ive logged prob 50 hours or so on it since this comp was built.

    How would I check to see if my BIOS are up to date?

    Sorry again to take so long for a response.
  6. Just to add, Ive been playing bad company 2 for about 2 hours now and the temp in CPU under MOBO has been 60 in max/min/current the entire time, meanwhile the core temps have all been high 60s low 70s while runnin.

    No 128 C like last night just stuck at 60 not moving even a little maybe the BIOS thing is the answer. Whats the best way to upgrade them?
  7. go to your mobo's company website (e.g.,, etc.) and they should all have a BIOS update section or download tab. Usually its in there, if not though, you can just google latest "insert manufacturer name" BIOS update, and you should get a couple hits.
  8. Right on I shall check it out. I reseated my heat sink last night with arctic silver 5(mainly just ot make sure it was seated right as the pushpins are fiesty imo) and I have had no problems running, my cores even claim to run a tiny bit cooler than they were yesterday. I still ahd that wierd 124 C in the CPU thing under Mobo once today however...yet cores are all very low. CPU socket under mobo is low as well. Ill check into the bios later tongiht and see what I can figure out.
  9. remember too, it will take up to 10 days of use for that thermal compound to set properly, depending on how much you run your pc. you could see another 2-10c drop depending on your OC, HSF, grease, and case airflow combination.
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